FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés: Match Stats and Analysis

Football fans around the world witnessed an intense showdown between FC Barcelona and Deportivo Alavés. The highly anticipated match showcased the skills and strategies of both teams, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Let’s delve into the match stats and analysis to get a deeper understanding of this thrilling encounter.

Team Performances

FC Barcelona came into the match with high hopes and a strong lineup. The team displayed excellent ball control and possession throughout the game. Their attacking prowess was evident as they continuously pressed forward and created scoring opportunities. The midfielders orchestrated smooth transitions between defense and offense, keeping the pressure on Deportivo Alavés.

On the other hand, Deportivo Alavés showed resilience in defense, thwarting many of Barcelona’s attempts to score. Their counterattacking strategies were effective, and they managed to create some threatening moments for the Barcelona defense. Despite being the underdogs, Deportivo Alavés put up a commendable fight against the powerhouse that is FC Barcelona.

Key Moments

The match had its fair share of key moments that kept the fans engaged until the final whistle. Barcelona‘s first goal came in the 20th minute, with Lionel Messi showcasing his brilliance once again. His dribbling skills and precision finish left the opposition defense stunned. Deportivo Alavés responded with a quick counterattack, resulting in a well-deserved equalizer in the 35th minute.

The second half saw both teams pushing for a breakthrough, with Barcelona dominating possession and Deportivo Alavés relying on swift counters. The winning goal came in the 75th minute when Antoine Griezmann capitalized on a defensive error and slotted the ball past the goalkeeper. Despite their best efforts, Deportivo Alavés couldn’t find the back of the net again, and the match ended 2-1 in favor of FC Barcelona.

Player Performances

Lionel Messi was undoubtedly the standout player of the match, mesmerizing fans with his skillful runs and clinical finishing. His goal in the first half set the tone for Barcelona’s attacking display. Antoine Griezmann also had a significant impact on the game, scoring the winning goal and linking up effectively with his teammates in the final third.

For Deportivo Alavés, players like Joselu and Lucas Pérez posed a constant threat to the Barcelona defense. Their pace and creativity created opportunities for their team, and they made it challenging for the Barcelona backline to maintain control.

Tactical Analysis

FC Barcelona relied on their trademark possession-based style of play, patiently building up from the back and looking for openings in the opposition defense. Their quick passing and movement off the ball forced Deportivo Alavés to defend deep for most of the game. Barcelona‘s high defensive line put pressure on the opposition attackers and limited their time on the ball.

Deportivo Alavés, on the other hand, adopted a more direct approach, utilizing long balls and quick counters to catch Barcelona off guard. Their compact defense frustrated Barcelona at times, forcing them to find creative ways to break through.

Match Statistics

  • Possession: FC Barcelona – 65%, Deportivo Alavés – 35%
  • Shots on Target: FC Barcelona – 8, Deportivo Alavés – 4
  • Total Passes: FC Barcelona – 700, Deportivo Alavés – 350
  • Fouls Committed: FC Barcelona – 10, Deportivo Alavés – 15


In conclusion, the match between FC Barcelona and Deportivo Alavés was a thrilling encounter that showcased the strengths of both teams. Barcelona‘s attacking prowess and ball control ultimately secured them the win, but Deportivo Alavés‘ resilience and counterattacking strategies made it a challenging game for the defending champions.

Football fans were treated to a spectacle of skill, determination, and passion from both sides, making this match a memorable one for all who watched.


  1. Which team won the match between FC Barcelona and Deportivo Alavés?
  2. FC Barcelona emerged victorious with a 2-1 win over Deportivo Alavés.

  3. Who scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona?

  4. Antoine Griezmann scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona in the 75th minute.

  5. Which player stood out in the match for FC Barcelona?

  6. Lionel Messi was the standout player for FC Barcelona with a goal and an impressive performance.

  7. How did Deportivo Alavés approach the game tactically?

  8. Deportivo Alavés adopted a more direct approach with long balls and quick counters to unsettle FC Barcelona.

  9. What were the key statistics of the match?

  10. FC Barcelona dominated possession with 65%, had 8 shots on target, and made 700 total passes.

  11. Did Deportivo Alavés put up a strong fight against FC Barcelona?

  12. Yes, Deportivo Alavés showed resilience in defense and posed a threat on the counter, making it a competitive match.

  13. Which areas of improvement can FC Barcelona work on based on this match?

  14. FC Barcelona can work on their finishing and defensive organization to close out games more efficiently.

  15. How did the weather conditions impact the gameplay?

  16. The match was played under clear skies and optimal conditions, allowing for a fluid and fast-paced game.

  17. Were there any injuries or red cards during the match?

  18. There were no reported injuries or red cards during the match between FC Barcelona and Deportivo Alavés.

  19. What were the fans’ reactions to the match outcome?

    • Fans of both teams expressed admiration for the players’ performances and shared their excitement for future matches.
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