What Is The Strategy To Crack BPSC 2022 Through The BPSC Syllabus?


The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) holds enrolment tests to fulfill Group A, B, and C positions, mostly in state government. The 67th BPSC prelims test 2022 will take place during the final week of August 2022. As the examination is approaching, it is also critical that BPSC hopefuls understand the finest Prelims test preparation strategies and thoroughly go through the BPSC syllabus.

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC Exam) is the common entry point for approximately 20 critical positions inside the Bihar government. The BPSC test, like the IAS exam administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), is divided into three phases.

BPSC Exam Stages – Prelims, Mains, Interview

  • Phase 1 – Prelims

The preliminary stage consists of 150 questions (one mark each) from general studies, with a time limit of 2 hours. This stage of BPSC does not have any negative marking.

  • Phase 2 – Mains

The mains consist of 4 papers, up to 900 marks.

Paper Total Marks
General Hindi 100
General Studies Paper-1 300
General Studies Paper-2 300
Optional Paper 300

For each paper, the duration given is 3 hours. 

Please keep in mind that the General Hindi Paper is qualifying in nature (30% marks are necessary). Therefore, its grades will not be factored into the merit list computation.

  • Phase 3 – Interview

It carries 120 marks.

Study sources for BPSC

To stay up to date on critical national and worldwide events, BPSC Preparation Guide Toppers advocate reading a newspaper daily.

The Hindu and The Indian Express are the two critical civil service test preparation publications.

Candidates for the BPSC 2022 must also examine the topics from the perspective of Bihar. 

The weekly and monthly periodicals are also excellent sources of current affairs information for the BPSC test.

The following are the finest periodicals for BPSC preparatory work: 

  1. Yojana
  2. Kurukshetra
  3. Down to Earth

Over the past few years, the score accorded to problems relating to current affairs in state service tests or UPSC IAS exams has increased. Candidates can view the analyses of UPSC Current Affairs and discover BYJU’s recent collections. 

Completed Merit List of the BPSC (Out of 1020 Marks)

It will be determined using the Main Exam (900 points) and the Interview (120 points). 

Annually, tens of thousands of people sit for government service examinations or the UPSC Civil Service Tests. One could join the top Indian administrative establishment with the correct preparation plan and test resources.

BPSC Prelim Exam Syllabus

  • Current affairs at national and international stages
  • India’s history and Bihar’s history noteworthy features
  • The Indian National Movement and the role of Bihar in it
  • Questions about General Mental Ability
  • Science in General
  • India’s general geography, the physical division of Bihar, and its vital river systems.
  • Indian Economy and Indian Politics, as well as essential developments in Bihar’s economy since independence

Current Affairs to focus on:

  1. Daily Comprehensive News Analysis – The most important and prominent content is discussed and summarized in a quick access manner. You can also get Ebooks free of cost.
  2. PIB Summary – A compilation of exam-related Press Information Bureau publications.
  3. RSTV Gist – Abstracts of major Rajya Sabha Television programs
  4. This Day in History – There seem to be numerous historical facts relevant to the BPSC Examination. As a result, this page may be utilized to stay up with the most significant occurrences in Indian history.

Keeping up with news and current events is insufficient because competition is fierce, and examination patterns and syllabuses change yearly.

Books for BPSC Exam

In the initial stage, aspirants must review the curriculum and study the state board and NCERT textbooks (Class 6 – Class 12th). 

Aspirants can obtain the NCERT textbooks PDFs for BPSC and UPSC preparation from either the web or CBSE sites.

The following are indeed the finest BPSC writings:

  1. Laxmikanth, Indian Polity
  2. Bipan Chandra’s History
  3. Ramesh Singh, Economy
  4. Ramesh Singh, Economy Majid Hussain’s Geography
  5. Yearbook of India
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